Savor the day on Rancho Cucamonga property at Central Park. Grassy open spaces welcome all. Children frolic and laugh on multiple play areas. Trails wind throughout, providing lovely pathways to walk and jog upon.

Two social centers are blended together in one building on this Rancho Cucamonga property. The Goldy S. Lewis Community Center offers a variety of recreational opportunities for youth and adults. Dance classes are offered in hip hop, jazz and more. Tumbling and martial arts keep kids fit, while adults improve flexibility with yoga and pilates. Square dancers size each other up and swing and sway to the music. Preschoolers get ready for school with little learner programs. 

Those flourishing in their golden years experience fun filled times in the James L. Brulte Senior Center. Senior Center programs include arts and craft classes and hobbies. Social gatherings find folks playing cards and other games such as Scrabble, Mahjong, Bunco and Bingo. The centers share common spaces for mingling including a courtyard and large beckoning fireplaces.

Residents Living In Rancho Cucamonga Get Technical

Tech Junction is the place to go for computer access. Surf the web, complete homework assignments, check email and more. Special events are open to everyone. Monthly dances, movies, and festivals are just some of the community happenings.

Generations are brought together at Central Park. Take time to create memories out of doors and in the onsite community centers.